New Airport Amenities

As travelers are spending more and more time at airports, airlines and airports have been pouring millions–even billions of dollars to upgrade aging buildings for additional capacity and amenities. This includes millions being used on terminal improvements. In addition to aesthetic enhancements and more dining and retail options, travelers are finding terminals easier to maneuver. And it doesn’t stop there. In an effort to increase airport revenue while making terminals even more customer-friendly, more self-serve, dining, and pampering shops are being introduced.

Check out these interesting amenities that are only available at select airports:

Paradies’ “At Your Service” Cart
Made possible with new payment technology, these carts add convenience for “gate huggers”.


Zoomsystems’ Benefit Cosmetics Kiosks
Designed as a vintage bus, this machine allows travelers to purchase travel-sized personal items.

Benefit Cosmetics

HappyOrNot’s Feedback Device
This device makes it easy for customers to give immediate feedback on the service they’ve received at gates, checkpoints, transfer desks, and other spots. Walked into a clean restroom? Hit the super green happy face.


 Opticwash’s Automated Kiosks
Dirty glasses or sunglasses? No problem. For a dollar and a minute, these kiosks will clean them using ultra violet rays.


Which one would you like to see more of? Share your thoughts with us below.