The most innovative big data company for airlines 2014

The most innovative big data company 2014

Who is the most innovative big data company of 2014?

GE have topped Fast Company’s list this year ‘for harnessing data from its planes and trains to power a new Industrial Internet, potentially saving billions.’

GE have heavily invested in what they call the ‘Industrial Internet’ – that idea machines should be connected to the web in order to increase efficiency and reduce downtime. In 2012, GE launched software to help airlines move their data to the cloud and partnered with Accenture to form Taleris, a startup that will help airlines predict mechanical malfunctions and reduce flight cancellations.

In the same year, around 40% of all airline costs were related to fuel and 10% related to delays and cancellations. GE estimates that their self-reporting machines e.g. engines on airlines, could prompt a 1% reduction in fuel, saving the airline industry $30bn over 15 years.

GE worked with Alitalia to monitor wing flap position and relay adjustments during landing and fuel usage, resulting in a saving of around $46 million. Although not enough to save Alitalia, this is an example of the effect on reducing costs big data can have for airlines.

GE have also given others the opportunity to contribute with Flight Quest. With a successful phase one passing last year, phase two is now open to submissions. Watch the video below to find out more about Flight Quest.


What do you think about GE’s title for most innovative big data company? Do you think this is applicable for the airline industry as well? Which other companies are leading the way with big data for airlines?

This week Blue Sky put out an infographic on 5 ways airlines should use big data which mostly focuses on the passenger experience. Take a look here. 

[Picture: GE on tumblr]

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