The most delayed flight of the year

What is the most delayed flight of the year? Delays are nothing new to us, but have you heard of a flight that has never left on time?

Unfortunately for WizzAir, EUclaim has named and shamed flight W62206 from London Luton to Budapest. The flight has not left the airport on time once since last summer. Delays vary from anywhere betwee two minutes and twelve hours since June 1st 2013.

This adds up to a whopping 293 late departures in a row and nearly 176 hours that passengers have had to wait. Here’s a snapshot of some of the delays.

most delayed flight in europe

EUclaim is the kind of website that airlines worry about. Teams of analysts and flight data specialists monitor flights across the world, providing information to passengers who have the right to compensation for delays.

In reaction to the claims, WizzAir replied saying the departure times do not qualify as delays referring to the CAA who define “all flights departing within 15 mins of the scheduled departure time, as on time”. On that basis, 73% of the flights were technically on time.

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