Monarch Airlines plan to cut as many as 1,000 jobs after admitting they have let customers down

Whilst it has not been officially announced, the BBC reported that a close source has revealed that the Monarch workforce will be ‘slashed by up to 30 %.’ The airline have decided to re-structure their business, under new chief executive Andrew Swaffield.

The British airline, began operations in 1968, and had appeared to be going from strength to strength. Only last year, for example, the airline had broken their record by carrying over 6.8 million passengers during 2013.  However, in a recent interview with Travel Weekly, Swaffield spoke about how the airlines strategy will need to be re-addressed;

‘Monarch is performing quite well. But because we have grown we need to be doing better. Capacity is up, but demand is flat. We have more aircraft than we would like in this market. Now we need to see what needs changing. The big focus is the airline. We’re on a trajectory of changing from a charter airline to a scheduled European low-cost carrier. We need to operate as efficiently as a low-cost carrier…There will be more flights to fewer places. You will see significant changes over the next 18 months…The key is consistent delivery. We let customers down a bit this summer- there were various problems with luggage and delays.’

Passengers flying with Monarch airlines, can now expect to see the company change its market, in order to try and compete with other low cost airlines, such as EasyJet and Ryanair, as Swaffield states; ‘EasyJet and Ryanair demonstrate you can make money in a sustainable way. But to do that, you have to be competitive.’

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