Meetings for Airlines, Branson style?!

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I have been inspired by Richard Branson! not something I say everyday I might add but having read his recent Linkedin post on ‘Never have another regular business meeting' It reaffirmed what I had been thinking about how we can add excitement and surprise to business meetings. In particular I was thinking about this year's World Low Cost Airlines Congress 2013, the event is now in it's 10th year has been a great success and has hosted the likes of Sir Stelios, Michael O'Leary, Willie Walsh and Carolyn McCall over the years. However as good an event it is I think it can be better! Now unfortunately I don't own my own private island including full time staff like Mr Branson but I am lucky enough to have a great team of conference organisers around me helping to realise these ideas.

He mentions in his blog that you should bring together a diverse bunch of people to really get the ideas flowing, this is something that we have already been working on for Low Cost 2013. Bringing in not only the most senior thought leaders in aviation but also looking towards other industries who can inspire the aviation sector such as retail or banking. He talks about getting thought provoking speakers, we are looking to invite futurists and animated industry provocateurs to really incite debate and engage with our audience. We will also have the privilege of the BBC's Stephen Sackur hosting 5 exclusive one on one interviews with the most senior industry leaders, this is not something we have done before and it will be exciting and I think more engaging to have a world class interviewer on stage.

Lastly he discusses PowerPoint presentations, now I have to agree with Mr Branson again here. I firmly believe it is fine to have PowerPoint there purely as a reference tool but the speaker needs to do exactly that! It is more engaging and exciting for the audience if the speaker is using media such as short videos and and photos while actually walking comfortably across the stage and talking directly at them, spreading their enthusiasm and passion for the topic.

Sadly my budget for this year's event won't cover a 3 day stay for 500 attendees at Mr Branson's Necker Island Resort, but it will include more interviews with genuine aviation sector game-changers, new chat show-style panels (hosted by a mystery guest) and rapid-fire on-floor seminar showcasing the most exciting upcoming technology innovations. I hope you the audience find these changes conceptually interesting?

It's going to be an exciting year for the event, to find out more about it download the brochure here>

Here's the Branson blog in all it's glory