Maximising mobile opportunities in the aviation industry

Maximising mobile opportunities in the aviation industry

What should airlines and airports be doing to maximise the use of mobile technology? A widely discussed and debated topic, especially in the case of low cost airlines trying to keep their costs to a minimum. Checking in via mobiles, on board wifi and in flight mobile services are just some of the more recent developments.

Swiss International Air Lines have launched mobile check in at Hong Kong airport. Customers can use their phones to check in before they arrive at the airport. They are then sent an email or text with the boarding pass in the form of a scannable bar code. Once imported into the app, you no longer need the internet. The boarding pass is then valid at baggage drop off, document checkpoints, aircraft boarding and the important duty free shops! TAM Airlines have also introduced mobile check in at Heathrow in the UK. Passengers travelling to Brazil can use the system via TAMs website. The electronic boarding pass can, again, be sent via text or email and saved into the passbook app. You can check in more than one person at a time, meaning you can take the kids too.

AeroMobile have launched an in flight mobile service and with great success. 900 calls, 25,000 text messages and 10,000 mobiles were connected to the internet using this service on Emirates, Etihad and SAS flights to and from Dublin. The demand for passengers to be able to use their mobile devices on board has gone up as smart phone ownership has increased.

The New Digital Mobile Consumer global trend report has said that airlines will be top spenders in targeting mobile users by 2015. So what should airlines be doing to maximise the mobile opportunity? How can the aviation industry capitalise on mobile?

How to maximise the mobile opportunity in the aviation industry will be further discussed at World Low Cost Airlines Americas in April. Click here to download the brochure and find out more.

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