Marijuana Marketing: Spirit Airlines embraces Colorado’s law change

Marijuana Marketing: Spirit Airlines embraces Colorado's law change

As most of you will know, Colorado recently legalised marijuana – and Spirit Airlines have embraced this as an opportunity to cash in.

Rather than scratching their head and struggling to believe it like the rest of America, they jumped right in offering $10 discount to all flights, not just to Colorado.

As you can see from the picture, an out there bit of marketing that spurred varied reactions on Twitter.

“If you want to make a beeline for Colorado right now, we don’t blame you – but we’re up to take you to plenty of chill destinations.”

Known to capitalise on current affairs with some out there advertising, other examples include the Anthony Weiner Twitter photo scandal by offering “The Weiner Sale: With Fares Too HARD To Resist.” and offering “More bang for your buck” on flights to Colombia after the US secret service prostitution scandal in 2012.

Nice one Spirit.

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