“Love in the Air” for United Airlines


This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday. This gives the travel industry the opportunity to take full advantage of weekend escapes. With the occasion coming up right around the corner, United Airlines has decided to celebrate with a promotional contest. Winners will receive two round-trip United BusinessFirst® tickets to anywhere the carrier flies.

So, what’s the catch? Air travel has connected people from all over the world and United wants to use this opportunity to capture its pivotal role in doing just that. In-flight proposals and airport weddings have happened. For this contest, no purchase is necessary to enter and any payment or purchase won’t increase chances of winning. To enter, couples have until February 5th to log in to the hub with their MileagePlus® number and then submit their United love story (500 words or less) along with a picture. A panel of United employees will chose the best story and the winning lucky couple will be notified on Valentine’s Day.

It’s clever of United to use emotional appeal as a public relations tactic. It’s also a good decision on their part to have their own employees choose the winners. I believe this reflects how they perceive their own company with relation to the stories.

And in an effort to bring more attention to this promotion, the airline is aggressively marketing across social media platforms. Entrants are encouraged to share their story on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #unitedinlove.

What do you think of this Valentine’s Day-themed campaign? What other campaigns have you seen for this occasion? Let us know below.