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Why London’s capacity issue needs to be resolved – fast

Why London’s capacity issue needs to be resolved – fast (Picture: david mckelvey on flickr)

The battle over capacity issues in London’s airports continues.

We’ve discussed 4 unusual blue sky ideas to solve airport capacity and the idea of a whole new London Britannia Airport – but where do we stand now?

A third runway at Heathrow and new runways at Gatwick and Stansted are three shortlisted options proposed to increase air capacity.

The Airports Commission will have a report put together for us by Summer 2015.

As it has been with the HS2 high-speed rail project, the airport expansion debate has been heated – Boris is fully against a third runway and hopes for his new airport or Boris Island to be the solution of choice.

So while we wait for the verdict, here’s some stats for your to take a look over.

  • 2012: Heathrow had 69,983,139 passengers – that’s 32% of all passengers at UK airports
  • Heathrow average delays: 14.36 minutes, beaten only by Manchester at 14.69
  • Paris Charles De Gaulle has fewer passengers but 4 runways compared to Heathrow’s 2
  • Heathrow accounts for over half the freight dealt by UK airports – that’s 1,464,390 tonnes
  • Heathrow Airport is at 99% capacity

Some evidence submitted in the London Assembly report earlier this year suggests increasing aircraft size would allow it to increase capacity.

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