Has KLM won the title of being the most helpful airline to ever exist? #notjustyet

Last month, we posted about the KLM dog who would find and return passengers lost items, whilst it turned out to be a clever marketing stunt, it signalled the transformation of an airline that is clearly eager to help.  In a recent bid to highlight their new agenda, KLM launched the #happytohelp campaign.

KLM set up a dedicated social-media team, who attempted to respond to every travel Twitter query,  it didn’t even have to be directly involved with KLM. With the help of DDB &  Tribal Worldwide, KLM launched their “real-time newsroom”, based at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, it was there that the teams scanned Twitter in order to help those who may be having any travel woes.

However, the campaign which lasted for just five days, has been criticised by some who feel that KLM’s efforts perhaps need to concentrate on initiatives which put in place longer term benefits for their customers, as opposed to yet another marketing attempt which just ‘shows off’ their use of social media.

That being said, the campaign is yet another reminder that KLM are at the forefront of social marketing and in doing so, they are reaching out to more people than ever before.

Hear more from the brains behind the campaigns at the AirXperience event next May in Amsterdam. Follow the banner to find out how you can join.

AirXperience KLM Amsterdam Schiphol