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KLM introduce payment via Facebook and Twitter

KLM have introduced payment methods via Facebook and Twitter.

Customer can now use Facebook or Twitter to:

  • Book or rebook flights
  • Make seat reservations
  • Add luggage

KLM customers can already arrange extra services through social media, however, payment was previously taken over the phone.

The process begins with KLM sending a link to the customer via private message. The customer then selects their method of payment, completing the transaction when the social media agent receives notification that payment has been received.

The airline has 130 social media agents who answer around 35,000 queries on Facebook and Twitter a week.

KLM’s move to payment via social media is a brave one but innovative nonetheless. The airline industry is the most socially active with KLM at the top of the list so it makes sense for them to make the link between social media and booking flights seamless for social media using customers.

I contacted KLM to find out more about their decision to go social with payments, here’s what they said:

Why did you decide to introduce payment via social media?
Through Facebook and Twitter we have helped a lot of customers with upgrading for example and getting extra baggage included, or maybe adjusted tickets. But if it was a service that demanded payment, we kindly asked our customers to pay via the phone. And it is a logical next step since we already did everything else via Facebook and Twitter.

How do you think this will affect KLM’s social presence?
KLM is regarded as being one of the companies that are most cutting edge when it comes to the use of social media. KLM realized the potential of social media during the ash cloud situation back in 2010, where website, telephones, airport information channels where under heavy “fire”. In that situation social media was of big help when the information had to be distributed fast to the involved passengers. Today we have 130 employees who are dedicated to answering requests through social media. And initiatives like social payment will give it a boost again.

Do you think competitors will quickly follow with social payments?
Yes, they will. Currently many organizations are developing social payments. KLM is proud to be the first airline to introduce this.

How do you think this will affect KLMs profits in the next year?
We expect more and more services via social media, in that line our aim is to enhance commercial activities via social media.

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KLM social media payment Facebook Twitter

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