How KLM is using a mobile game to build connections with consumers

aviation empire

My fellow content executive and gaming enthusiast, Vaughn, recently showed me KLM's new mobile game and how they plan on building connections with consumers.

Peter Willington (Pocket Gamer) published his account of the launch of KLM's new game- Aviation Empire. KLM partnered with Little Chicken to create the game and launched the game at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

With the man himself, Pieter Elbers there at the event in full support of the game, it's clear the airline thinks this will boost customer engagement and loyalty.

What's important in the lead up to the release of the game is that KLM has kept dialogue open between its fans and themselves throughout its creation- from simple awareness, to beta testing, all the way up to naming the game before release.

Games and the introduction of social media has been tried before but this one seems different in the extent that KLM have included users.

With talk of unlocking airports when you're actually there and building your own aviation empire, is this something customers could do with in long lay overs with most airports now providing free wifi?

So, as Peter said, already this game has built trust, rapport and it’s encouraged its future customers to think of KLM as a brand it can have a two-way conversation with. Let's hope the game will continue to provide KLM with a bunch of happy and loyal customers in future.

The game is free and out now is you want to try it, here's the link. To read the full article, see Pocket Gamer here. Let us know what you think of the idea!

Pieter Elbers will be joining us at the World Low Cost Airlines Congress in September. Follow the banner below to find out what we'll be talking about and who else you can expect to see there.

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