The KLM dog that finds lost items and returns them to passengers

This KLM dog finds lost items and returns them to passengers in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Only joking. It doesn’t. It’s just a big promotional sham from KLM and DDB & Tribal Worldwide. But its had 9 million people feeling all cuddly and resisting the immediate urge to impulse buy a puppy.

In the ad the super cute beagle wears an adorable dog sized KLM uniform, complete with name badge and travels all over the airport returning passengers missing items that cabin crew find onboard. He (?) returns a phone, children’s teddies and generally spreads cheer to weary travellers. Travellers who then take the opportunity to indulge in hugs and selfies much to the dismay of the dog. Luckily he has the attention span of nothing and darts off to ‘help’.

But never mind – you won’t be seeing this service anytime soon.

Meet KLM and demand to know why they don’t see the vital importance of investing in a lost and found puppy. They’ve partnered with us on our event, AirXperience next May in Amsterdam. Follow the banner to find out how you can join us.

AirXperience KLM Amsterdam Schiphol

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