Inmarsat in-flight connectivity at World Low Cost Airlines Congress

Join the in-flight connectivity revolution with Inmarsat

In-flight connectivity is fast becoming a catalyst for change in day-to-day airline operations.

Just as connectivity is revolutionising our everyday lives at work and home, the connected aircraft will redefine the way airlines operate. Our World Low Cost Airlines Congress 2015 valued sponsors Inmarsat have put together a whitepaper that explains what the in-flight connectivity revolution means for aviation and how airlines can harness this revolution.

Download the whitepaper here >

Passenger surveys show growing demand for connectivity in the cabin. IATA’s 2014 global passenger survey reveals that 80% of the passengers would use Wi-Fi if offered on board a flight. According to the 2014 APEX passenger experience study, 1 in 3 passengers indicated that in-flight connectivity is the single most needed area of improvement by airlines while 90% of passengers would give up other amenities to have a better in-flight internet experience.

Airlines need to look beyond a short-term answer to aircraft connectivity to find a partner who can meet their long-term needs, in what is an incredibly fast-moving world. Download the presentation by Inmarsat to find out how you can keep up with this ever-growing level of transformation.

Download the whitepaper here >

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