JetBlue and 15Below case study

JetBlue case study: clearing up to 78% of schedule changes in a matter of minutes

Once the new flight timetable has been released, airlines often have the laborious task of contacting tens of thousands of passengers to advise them of changes to their scheduled itineraries – then updating each and every PNR as they work their way through the list / queue.  For some airlines, this schedule change process takes place throughout the year.  In both scenarios, without the right technology it can have a huge impact on the productivity of call centre staff.

With this in mind, North American airline jetBlue, approached 15below to help identify ways to reduce this operational burden and enable their team to focus on both business-as-usual and business-critical tasks – including selling more.

Download the full case study here for more details >

In this JetBlue case study you will find out:

  • What JetBlue did to plan the customer service improvements during disruption
  • How JetBlue have developed the solution
  • What results were achieved
  • How it was done
  • How you could do the same

Download the full JetBlue case study here >

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