Jay Z

Jay Z introduces his nightclub to the busiest airport in the world

Jay Z

Have you ever stepped off the plane after that amazing trip away, and faced the instant blues of having to go back to reality? You want the party to keep on going, but you are on your way to collect your suitcase, maybe you will grab some food of the fast variety, and then home you will go.

Well, if you are due to fly through Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport  anytime soon, then the party needn’t stop, as rap mogul Jay Z has recently announced the opening of his new club 40/40.

The club may not be open until the early hours of the morning, but the design of Jay Z’s ‘40/40’ will instantly make you forget that you are in the grounds of an airport. The rapper already owns other 40/40 clubs all over America. His New York branch is famous for its live music and sports memorabilia, and of course, for attracting the famous faces.

The club will feature a VIP lounge, and is said to be the airport version of the original 40/40 club.

This new development highlights how airports are no longer just a necessary place to board a plane; they have become about the passenger experience and are opening themselves up to a number of different business ideas.

What do you make of this new airport experience? Is this something all airports should start looking into?

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