Ryanair’s Kenny Jacobs – ‘We can double in size without leaving Europe’

At this years World Low Cost Congress, we caught up with Ryanair’s CMO, Kenny Jacobs to find out how he thinks the low cost model will develop, and progress in the coming years.

Jacobs is confident that the Ryanair’s low cost model will succeed in becoming transatlantic, but suggests that they can double in size without evening having to leave the continent. In speaking about the airline, Jacobs claimed that the company have shown they are the ‘best operating model for short haul in Europe.’

This week, Ryanair also announced that they are set to launch their own package holiday brand, something of which, their rival, Easyjet have already demonstrated.

In speaking to Travel Trade Gazette, Jacobs said;  ‘If it becomes Ryanair Holidays at a point in time, it is a logical way for the brand to go. We do a version of it already. We can certainly do it better than we do. The way customers are responding to the new improved Ryanair, I think it will go forward. I can see us launching this in the next five years.’

World Low Cost Airlines Congress 2015