Interview with Airnguru’s Sergio Mendoza

1) What’s the biggest revenue management trend you see happening in the airline market?

Certainly one of the most important trends is the integration and systematization of Ancillary Revenue in the pricing and revenue management processes and optimization functions.

However, the most amazing trend is just a couple of years ahead of us: it’s Artificial Intelligence permeating and substantially enhancing the whole pricing and revenue management disciplines. AI is going to define a new era of business planning and execution, and, in particular, I believe AI will rewrite the way we think of and perform revenue management and pricing.

2) What are some of the key features of the Airnguru suite that is otherwise not offered in the rest of the market?

First of all, Airnguru products are built with cloud-based big data technology, which enables the rapid and efficient detection of opportunities and problems across the whole network, substantially increasing the productivity of the pricing and revenue management teams and their impact on the bottom line of the business.

Second, we use Lean Design concepts to provide the pricing and revenue management teams with a superb user experience that highly enhances their comprehension of the market situation and substantially reduces the time-to-market of their decisions.

3) How should an airline decide if they should be using Airnguru’s products?

An airline that has a long time to market when publishing fares, or whose teams are not able to review all of its fares and O&Ds with the desired frequency, or is suffering from fare filing mistakes or whose systems are out of date in terms of speed and scalability, should think of evaluating and using Airnguru Price Awareness Suite.

4) Tell us about your experience at Aviation Festival Americas 2016

We really enjoyed the Aviation Festival Americas. It was the opportunity for us to launch our Price Awareness Suite live. We were able to talk and show the product to 17 airlines at our booth. We received very positive feedback and got appointed several followup meetings and demos. We were also approached by several other technology companies with whom we discussed quite interesting collaboration opportunities.

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