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Interview: How Aeromexico improved their passenger experience strategy

Edouard Piquet, SVP Customer Experience, Aeromexico

Our passenger experience interview series is designed to give insight into the passenger experience and how it can be improved.

The first in the series is with Edouard Piquet, SVP Customer Experience, Aeromexico and we discuss passenger experience challenges and how Aeromexico incorporated improvements into their strategy.

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In the interview we discuss:

  • Biggest challenges airlines face when it comes to improving passenger experience
  • Areas stakeholders should be focussing on to improve passenger experience
  • The most important technologies to impact passenger experience in the next 5 years
  • Passenger experience strategy changes at Aeromexico
  • How we should be utilising mobile technology to enhance operations
  • The future of the airline industry

Download the interview here >

Mr Piquet will be hosting a roundtable at this year’s AirXperience Europe on CRM. We will be discussing that as passenger expectations are rising and technology is rapidly changing, how can we as an industry evolve in order to meet these challenges?

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