Innovative Marketing Campaigns


Promoting products to consumers has become increasingly difficult in today's society. Commercials and advertisements are routinely ignored. Therefore, companies are trying to find innovative ways to capture attention. Airlines have been using a variety of creative tactics in their marketing strategies to engage consumers. Four tactics Simpliflying mentions are brand spaces, flashmobs, surprise gifts, and onboard events.

For instance, Finnair flew its Helsinki-Singapore flight in 2011 decked out with an "Angry Birds" theme – literally. With permission from Rovio, the creator of the game, Finnair plastered the aircraft with "Angry Birds". In the cabin, flight attendants wore "Angry Birds" aprons, and passengers were served from an "Angry Birds" menu. There was also an "Angry Birds" mascot and a midflight "Angry Birds" tournament.

Incorporating fun aspects into traditional marketing tactics, Asia Air used a pun to make a comical billboard. It reads, "Cheap enough to say, Phucket I'll go."

A recent billboard that has garnered a lot of attention is an interactive advert screen by British Airways. With some simple technology, a young child will point up at a plane as it flies over. The screen also displays the flight number and destination. To read more about British Airways' newest marketing campaign, visit our sister site Total Customer.

With changing consumer behaviors, I believe it's essential for the airline industry to be continually innovative. For airlines that don't, they will fall to competitors that do. What do you think? Let us know below.

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