Inflight connectivity and the HLCC model

Paulo Miranda of GOL joined us for Aviation Festival Americas 2016 to discuss ‘ inflight connectivity and the HLCC model ‘. In this presentation, learn about enabling passengers to stay connected, informed, and entertained . In a world where customers expect more and more to have the latest technology at their fingertips, the airline industry is struggling to meet these expectations.

Working toward meeting, or event exceeding these expectations is quite involved for airlines. These updates would take time, as well as significant investment and careful engineering. It’s not always easy to identify the needs and wants of the passengers either. At times it can be difficult to determine whether they are more interested in connectivity for their phones, computers, and tablets or digital in-flight entertainment.

This presentation discusses the idea of the ‘4 C’s’ as a measure of inflight entertainment and connectivity, with the C’s representing coverage, complexity, cost and consumption.

Download this presentation to understand more about:

  • Connecting customers to the entertainment platform of their choice
  • BYOD model
  • Entertainment vs. connectivity
  • Concept of mobile
  • 4 C’s of entertainment and connectivity

and more !

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If you’re interested in learning more about connectivity and entertainment for passengers , join us at Aviation Festival Americas 2017 , held May 9-10 in Miami, FL .