How to identify and act on key data to create happy customers with WestJet

westjetWe were glad to have James Callaghan, Chief Technologist for WestJet Airlines, join us for last year’s World Low Cost Airlines Americas in Miami.


James is responsible for developing and implementing WestJet's technology. During his 5+ years at WestJet he has lead various Information Technology teams and has been instrumental in setting new architectural directions to evolve the company's technology capabilities. This made him the perfect speaker to discuss how to identify and act on key data that will create happy customers.


Download his presentation here >


James gave his presentation on the second day of the event, and shared his insights on:

  • A federated approach to enterprise data marts and how to leverage them
  • Data as a service
  • Guest interaction consistency
  • Complex data vs the simple portal view
  • Data resiliency
  • Using the right data for the right purpose
  • Intelligent information delivery


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