Has Iceland’s WOW air introduced the cheapest transatlantic flight to ever exist?

Iceland’s low cost airline, WOW air, have launched, what some are now calling the cheapest transatlantic flight to ever exist, charging you just £99 from London to Boston.

Like any amazing deal, the sceptical side amongst us all can’t help but come out to play – so when WOW air, Iceland’s low cost airline, announced the new fare flights, we was all left waiting for the BUT…and like most things, there was one…Firstly, they all include a layover in Reykjavik, Iceland’s tiny capital, which means it will take you about 3 hours longer to get there, and five and a half hours longer on the way back. Not ideal. Secondly, this is only one way, and includes a ‘booking fee’ and additional luggage cost, meaning a return trip to Boston from London Gatwick on some dates early next year will set you back around £235.48.

However, the flights are undeniably still cheap, for example, the same trip with British Airways would set you back almost four hundred pounds more. And the cheaper flights have already proven to be a huge success – Skúli Mogensen, CEO of WOW air, has said; ‘We have a significant amount of tickets available for this initial launch and there will be more avail throughout spring and autumn 2015.’

Low cost airlines have  increasingly began to apply the pressure to the traditional carriers. And this latest move, by WOW air, will yet again highlight the narrowing gap between what the two can offer. As Mogensen suggests, this is just the beginning; ‘ The lost-cost airline market is scrambling to offer cheap flights to North America and I’m happy we’ll be among the first to do so and at a price point that doubt rival our rival to re-evaluate their plans. We expect to continue to grow and passengers can expect to see more cheap flight routes to North America opening from WOW in the following two years.’

Perhaps the latest marketing campaign by Virgin America, BLAH airlines, is yet further example of the increasing battle between comfort and low cost.

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