Heathrow loses battle against Heston’s liquid nitrogen desserts

Heston Blumenthal has become very well known for his unorthodox cooking style, and when asked to open his new restaurant, ‘The Perfectionists’ Cafe’, within Heathrow’s terminal two, he was determined not to lose his unique approach to food making.

However, strict security rules meant that the initial reaction to Heston’s liquid nitrogen ice cream, and  pizzas cooked in wood-fired ovens was an immediate no, as a Heathrow spokeswoman declared; ‘We basically said no to pretty much everything they asked for, and that went on for a very long time. They pushed us really hard and the reason Heston’s restaurant is the last to finish construction is because there are just so many things in there that are so far out of step [with other airport restaurants].”

In a final agreement made between the airport and the chef, two canisters of liquid nitrogen will now be transported to the restaurant each morning via a secure gate and enter the restaurant without any disruptions through the terminal.

CNN interview the chef in an effort to discover why Heston is so passionate about his unusual cooking techniques.

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