The future of flying: Airbus’ lace structure aircraft

The future of flying: Airbus’ lace structure aircraft (Airbus)

What do you think is the future of flying? Airbus showed off their design of what they think is the future at the TEDGlobal conference in Edinburgh this week.

The model of the aircraft has an almost lace like structure. Airbus' inspiration was from the human skeleton- strong but light with the intention that fuel costs would be considerably lower. The company also said they would aim to use 3D printing technology to create the structure.

Other ideas for the aircraft included an upward curve on the tail to reflect engine noise, reducing noise pollution and seats that mould to the shape of passengers. Not just fancy seats in mind, they also suggested gaming zones (perfect for long haul flights?).

Airbus also wanted to put Wider entrances where passengers could leave hand luggage which would be automatically delivered to their seats, preventing people blocking the aisles.

Problems we are all to aware of in aviation is the reduction of costs and the issue of biofuels with oil supplies dwindling.

Airbus put this problem to students around the world to develop their own eco-efficient ideas for aviation:

  • engine modification made from special shape-shifting materials to change airflow through the engine and reduce noise pollution
  • luggage floating on a bed of air
  • the use of methane as an energy source

Airbus engineer Bastian Schaefer said: “Flying in the future must remain affordable for both people and from an environmental perspective.” A tough problem to crack.

What do you think of the plane? It may not solve all our problems but is it a step in the right direction? Let us know your thoughts.

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