The Aviation IT Show Americas is where airlines gather to network, learn from each other, and discuss the latest air travel strategies and technology.

Find Out How Airlines are Leveraging Data to Improve Operations

Hotels and especially airlines are experimenting with Big Data in new ways every day, trying to figure out how to respond and react in real-time, to the information that’s been coming in.

What’s unique about the airline industry though, is how they’ve begun to utilize this information, not just to improve a loyalty program or marketing campaign, but to affect real changes in their businesses, both internal and with their customers– all in real-time.

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This piece highlights just a few examples of how different airlines have been leveraging data to personalize experiences and revolutionize their businesses.

Find out about:

  • Flight path optimization
  • Expansion
  • Customer intelligence
  • Internal operations

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It’s no secret that airlines are finding it hard to make profits in recent years, with only a few carriers really excelling financially. This is where Aviation Outlook Americas comes in. From new business models to new revenue models to new technologies, this is the event for airline executives to learn all they need to know about revenue in one place.

This year’s event will take place June 2-3 in Miami, Florida. We hope to see you there!

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