FAA to Lift Electronic Ban?

FAA might lift the electronic ban an airplanes and allow passengers to use e-readers, tablets, and other devices during take-off and landing

I love taking my Amazon Kindle when I am traveling because it is light, easy to use, and carries a lot of books for long vacations.  But I hate getting on a plane and having to turn it off until we are a certain number of feet up in the air or turning it off right before landing.  I know it is not long before I can turn it on again but I wish I didn't have to put it away at all.  Hopefully my wish will be granted soon.  The New York Times reports that the Federal Aviation Administration might relax the rules for reading devices during take-off and landing.  This would allow you to use tablets, e-readers, and some other devices.  The new relaxed rules will not include cell phones. 

An FAA industry group is working on studying the affects of these devices on planes.  The group would also determine what constitutes as "airplane mode."  They hope to announce relaxed rules for take-off and landing by the end of this year.  This would mean we could use our devices throughout the entire flight.  If pilots can use iPads in the cockpit why can't passengers use them too? 

Sometimes I forget to turn off my electronics.  They are turned on in my bag or in the overhead bin during the flight.  Even the CEO of US Airways admits to sometimes forgetting to turn off his cell phone but the relaxed rules will not allow any calls during the flight.  Are you looking forward to a possible change in the rules?  Do you want to use your electronics during the entire flight or do you like the small amount of time away from electronics?

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