The Essential Guide to Programmatic Creative Technologies

With over $20 billion spent globally in programmatic advertising, programmatic creative enables global marketers at aviation brands to activate both data and technology investments. Marketers can produce compelling advertisements that resonate with their target customers and maximize their ROI.

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Here are a few actionable tips for airlines to leverage programmatic creative:

  • Use audience data to inform ad design, and in turn drive campaign performance
  • Tell a wider story with programmatic creative. Set up a sequence of ads to tell a meaningful story of experiences throughout a trip.
  • Version ads in different languages to localize the ad experience for global customers.
  • Leverage 1st and 3rd party data to segment customers, and tailor creatives to the customer profiles in your DMP:
    • Frequent flyers: exclusive specials on points and getaways
    • Recent website visitors: reminders to book before increased pricing and show images of their intended destination
    • High-value customers: offer special deals, awards, promos

Drive conversions with direct response ads. Inspire potential customers with personalized incentives, contests, and rewards program signups.
This comprehensive 35-page guide will help airline marketers understand the quickly-evolving world of programmatic creative.

Download the free guide now  >>