Up safety video follows by example

The Up safety video is the most recent safety video to join the high flying club.

UP is a new budget airline owned by Israel’s El Al and to stake their claim in the market, they’ve learnt quickly from their predecessors on how to attract attention.

The video jumps on the bandwagon with the likes of Virgin America, Air New Zealand and their bikini model parade and Delta’s 80s safety video.

Dancing to their own variation of Daddy Cool, airline staff along with a lot of people in skin tight body suits explain the safety rules. I’m not sure how I feel about the suits. Or how they’ve tried to make the safety instructions match the song. But hey it’s fun.

All is forgiven when the cute kid walks in for a short period of course. Generally though, well done to the new airline for catching on quickly. Any attempt to spruce up compulsory information should be acknowledged!

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