Easyjet, The Sun and passenger safety

This week Easyjet and the Sun newspaper have been in the centre of a battle between the airline and a family asked to leave a plane due to a cut on their daughters face.

The Sun reported the story on the 22nd June as "Family kicked off a plane… over a SCRATCH." The crew and the pilot believed it to be the safer option that the toddler didn't fly that day due to a cut she had on her face from falling into a radiator.

Both the pilot and crew asked the family to leave, saying the cut could get worse over the period of the flight due to cabin pressure.

The family (and the sun and their readers) seem to be on one side of the case, blaming the airline for inconveniencing the family. However, looking at Easyjet's Facebook page, they posted a status on Saturday defending the crew and pilot's ultimate decision.

easyjet on facebook

Looking at the page, the status has been inundated with comments- and the vast majority of them defending the airline and their decision.

The response seems adequate enough for those Easyjet customers on Facebook. What do you think?

As one customer pointed out, had they have let them fly and something did happen, the headline would be a much more serious one. Safety and cautiousness were the obvious option for the staff at Easyjet.

Social media can be a hub for negative users and customers who have been upset. And when stories like this are not acknowledge or resolved it can go very badly for the company in question.

Do you think this was handled correctly? Let me know what you think on the matter.

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