Download: Maintaining the status of a true LCC in Africa


This presentation: Maintaining the status of a true LCC in Africa by Mike Bond, Commercial Director – 1Time was taken from the 2012 Aviation Outlook Africa conference.

It surrounds topics such as:

•Relatively small no. of seats on offer compared to major network carriers
•Multiple autonomous regulatory bodies and bilateral protection afforded to incumbent "National" carriers
•Occur mainly on domestic routes where some domestic liberalisation occurs
•Result -> competitive domestic environments, but minimal regional competition

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Aviation Outlook Africa 2013 will focus on everything the industry needs to know about including:

  • How to understand new business models and processes
  • How to establish maintain safer and more efficient operations
  • How to deliver ROI from existing and new projects
  • How to identify and evaluate new technologies and solutions
  • How to meet/partner with key infrastructure and equipment providers

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