Download: Creating alliances that support Africa’s vision


Meeting compliance standards has become a major concern achieving sustainable business outcomes which include environmental considerations as well as profitability.

Main themes that appear in most stated company intentions include the following:

Current intra Africa airline alliances tend to focus on:

  • Code share agreements between multiple airlines in one consortium …or one African carrier owning equity in another African carrier.
  • Very few African airlines are able to divorce themselves from government dictates in order to ensure synergy development with other African airlines.
  • Route networks and growth potential generally viewed as equally unattractive.

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Aviation Outlook Africa 2013 will focus on everything the industry needs to know about including:

  • How to understand new business models and processes
  • How to establish maintain safer and more efficient operations
  • How to deliver ROI from existing and new projects
  • How to identify and evaluate new technologies and solutions
  • How to meet/partner with key infrastructure and equipment providers

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