Download e-book: Top 10 low cost airlines

top 10 low cost airlines

In putting together the programme for our annual World Low Cost Airlines Congress, we tried to find a list of the world's top LCCs – by profit, by revenue, by passenger numbers, by fleet size – whatever we could find! But I was amazed to see that the most recent list I could find was from 2011, and it was vague at best.

So here is our list of the world's most influential, interesting and ground-breaking LCCs throughout the world. Ranging from the usual suspects to the slightly more obscure, with roots (not routes) as far as Australia, Asia, Eastern Europe and LatAm, you'll find a complete list along with quick facts and executive information. Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

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And keep an eye out for our full Top 100 list coming soon…