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The Dos & Don’ts of Airline Merchandising

Farelogix walk us through the Dos & Don’ts of Airline Merchandising in this complimentary report

Airline merchandising has forever changed the industry, with a recent report showing that 59 airlines made $31.5 billion in value-added revenue in 2013. Without these new revenue windfalls, many airlines – and the industry as a whole – would still be losing money. In addition, customers have come to expect, and in many cases appreciated, the new services and options available in this new world of airline e-commerce.

However, with all these successes, there are still some cautions. With merchandising, simply charging a fee without creating a service can turn off many customer and them shopping elsewhere. Likewise, being inconsistent with offers is another way to frustrate customer and risk losing revenue.

Download the Report from Farelogix here > 

This paper will look at some of the “Dos & Don’ts” for airlines choosing a technology partner and getting started with a successful airline merchandising program.

Find out:

  • When is best to start
  • Why flexibility is key
  • How to control the offer
  • The importance of feeding all sales channels
  • The plan for the future

Download the report here > 

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