Don’t assume that social media is just a numbers game…

airline social media numbers

Many airlines use social media as a complaints management tool to interact directly with worried customers. But some, like the forward-thinking Kulula, direct their social media followers to a far more valuable task: as brand ambassadors. The idea is to build a social following of people who will in turn use social media themselves to promote the airline as a great travel choice or even just a fun and interesting brand to keep an eye on. But if this you end game in an airline social media marketing campaign, don't assume that it's just about numbers.

I found out recently that for a price it is possible to bulk buy followers on to the social media platform of your choice. Whilst it is true that this does somewhat devalue the effort spent building communities, it is equally fair to claim that size really doesn’t matter. This might be contrary to popular belief, but I would claim that the time and money of busy businesses is better spent creating communities through interaction rather than just through trying to amass followers. If you do social media properly your followers will build up quickly, the difference being that this way it will be a committed community of brand champions.
1.Anyone can go out and buy followers, how many of them are interested in your products? Nurture brand champions already engaged and get them to spread the word, each person who is engaged has 160 friends on average on Facebook, utilise these statistics and engage your champions.
2.Invest in technology that gauges interaction, klout and reach. These numbers will be more valuable to your CEO as these are the people talking about your product and engaging, anyone can recite how many follows or each new like, but what are they worth?

3. Review your progress every week. If a hashtag isn't working then review your strategy. This is a real time game so be prepared to be flexible and creative.

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