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Discover the future of airline reservations

What is the future of airline reservations?

It is a time of change for airlines. Carriers are under tremendous pressure to increase revenues and reduce costs, regardless of their business model. All segments, even low-cost carriers (LCC), are competing to attract high-value business travellers. The airline industry as a whole is investing hundreds of millions of dollars to upgrade its offerings to improve passenger loyalty and competitive distinction.

Navitaires’ whitepaper “From order taking to air retailing: New Distribution Capability (NDC) and the future of airline reservations” will provide you useful insights into the future of airline reservations and more.

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All of this is happening in the digital age as new channels, choices and expectations are reinventing travellers’ purchasing behaviours. Beyond comparing fares, schedules and availability, passengers are shopping for tailored, one-size-fits-one offers that meet their individual travel patterns and preferences plus deliver added value and convenience. Yet, some of the same systems that have been specifically created to facilitate airline distribution, the legacy Global Distribution Systems (GDSs), have been slow to adapt to airlines merchandising needs and this new reality. Lack of meaningful change in this arena is jeopardizing carriers’ efforts to grow, innovate and appeal to today’s travellers.

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