Differentiation or: How to stay ahead of competitors

Bert van der Stege of First Air joined us at Aviation Festival Americas 2016 to discuss ‘how to stay ahead of competitors ‘. In this presentation, learn about some of the key success factors for an airline . First Air is considered the leading provider of scheduled passenger and cargo services in Northern Canada and features a route network that reaches 29 destinations and transporting over 250,000 passengers a year.

Due to increasing operation costs  stemmed from the need for Canadian airlines to maintain self-sufficiency, First Air went through a period of heavy losses from 2010-2014. In 2015, however, they returned to profitability using a strategy of simplification and consolidation. When regional and low-cost airlines face growing costs of operation, it’s often difficult to determine the best practices for cutting costs while still improving services. First Air has mastered this, and shares their strategies for doing so, in addition to key success factors for regional airlines to note.

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  • First Air background
  • The cost-side of the aviation industry
  • How First Air achieved a successful turnaround after 5 difficult years
  • Key success factors for a regional airline

and more !

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If you’re interested in learning more about key success factors for a regional airline , join us at Aviation Festival Americas 2017 , held May 9-10 in Miami, FL .