US Department of Transport Quarterly Review- Who came out on top?

US Department of Transport Quarterly Review- Who came out on top? (Kentaro IEMOTO on flickr)

This week the US Department of Transport (DOT) released their quarterly review. Who reigned champion in the fight to be on time? Who failed and flailed at the bottom of the pile? Let's take a quick look at the stats.

– 81% of flights arrived within 14 minutes of schedule during January which is down from 83.7% in the same month last year

– Virgin America had the best on-time rating at 93%, bumping Hawaiian Airlines off the top spot to second place with 92%

– Frontier Airlines, ExpressJet and American Eagle scored poorly lurking in the lower 70s… All three scored at least 6 points less than last year

– In the five largest US airlines, Delta had the best on-time record

– They were followed by Southwest Airlines, US Airways, United Airlines and American Airlines. Only Delta and United improved while the other airlines went down

– Newark Airport came out with the worst record for on-time arrivals- 73% 

– Las Vegas were top with 86% and Phoenix followed at 86%

Around 1.5 %of all scheduled US flights were cancelled- the same as in January 2012.

To see the Department of Transportation's Air Travel Consumer report click here.

Any surprises? Virgin knocking down Hawaiian Airlines- an indication of what's to come for either company? Let us know what you think.

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