Delta's breast feeding backlash

Delta’s breastfeeding backlash

Delta have taken a very public backlash from mothers all over the world about breastfeeding on their flights.

Lindsay Jaynes, a mother of a 10 week old child asked Delta’s customer service account, @DeltaAssist, what the airline’s breastfeeding policy was as her son needs to eat every two hours and won’t feed from a bottle or breastfeed under a cover.

Here is their conversation via Twitter:

breastfeeding delta twitter

And then the rest of the internet joined in. OK, slight exaggeration, but I’m sure Delta weren’t expecting Twitter to explode with demands for apologies and clarification from Delta.

Breast feeding advocates, mothers and people who were neither of those jumped in in defense of the airline’s reply. See more of the responses on Twitter here.

There were also some in favour of the airline’s response, agreeing that she should cover up.

breastfeeding delta twitter against

A difficult subject that should be approached with caution but perhaps not on Twitter. No one will understand being a parent until you are one. Is it time for Delta to consider a policy change? Especially as 45 states have laws allowing women to breastfeed in public? Either way, Delta have learnt that the worst person in the world to mess with is a mother, new or not. “Hell has no wrath like a mother scorned.”

Should Delta publish an official policy on breastfeeding and improve training of customer relations staff as some people have called for? Let me know what you think about the subject.

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