Deconstructing the Payment Experience

Laurie Gablehouse of Ingenico ePayments joined us at Aviation Festival Americas 2016 to discuss ‘deconstructing the payment experience‘. In this presentation, learn about ‘the customer’s journey’ and how to adapt payment strategy to reflect multi-channel interactions with the customer .

Some companies focus all their attention on the moment when a transaction actually takes place or (in the case of airlines) the time when passengers board the plane. But actually, the passenger’s relationship with the airline has started long before either of these things happen, and continues long after.

Airlines should be aiming to reach their passengers from the moment they’re first inspired to travel and start looking for the right flight. If they play this right, these actions lead to booking. This is the part where some airlines miss an opportunity. Some passengers will get nothing else until they actually board the plane. Exceeding expectations and managing the customer’s journey, however, would require omnichannel options to enhance the customer experience from the booking time to post-trip, and maintain a multi-channel payment strategy to match.

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  • Key challenges merchants see for for payments
  • Payment strategy checklist
  • What travel merchants need to do with respect to customer journey and payments
  • Ingenico ePayments Travel Team
  • Ingenico ePayments at a glance

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If you’re interested in learning more about the customers’ payment experience , join us at Aviation Festival Americas 2017 , held May 9-10 in Miami, FL .