Debate Over In-flight Calls


A few weeks ago, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced that passengers can use their electronic devices as long as they are in Airplane Mode. Because we are growing more attached to our personal electronic devices, both the airlines and passengers are happy to hear this news. It will certainly improve the in-flight passenger experience. Now, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is ready to permit phone calls on planes above 10,000 feet and airlines have to power to decide whether or not they want to allow it.

So, should airlines enforce it if it is allowed? Is that what passengers really want? Will it further improve the in-flight passenger experience?

If airlines do allow phone calls, they can charge callers and add to their ancillary fees. However, most carriers are skeptical as this may lead to backlash. The goal of all airlines is to ensure that their customers are well rested. But, discomfort is inevitable since individuals are cramped metal tubes for hours. People already fight over reclining seats. Phone calls will definitely spark more fights. That is why Delta Air Lines has explicitly stated that they will continue to ban in-flight phone calls.

From personal experiences on public transportation, I know how loud some phone conversations can get. I could only imagine how frustrating it may be on a plane. Ringing phones and loud conversations will certainly bother other travelers. Although lifting the ban may be favorable to some passengers, the overall in-flight passenger experience will not improve. Phone calls should only be reserved for emergency situations.

What do you think? Should airlines allow permit in-flight phone calls? As usual, we would love to have your input! Let us know.

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