Creating a social media strategy for airlines

airline social media strategy

Social media is applicable right across the business and should not just be siloed in the marketing department. If it is, then businesses can find themselves in the situation where there are a number of ‘official' accounts giving conflicting messages to the public. In this day and age every business should have a senior director tasked with creating a unified social strategy, and they should have the authority to run this across the business and not just from the marketing department.
1.One message, one account. Define your online personality, and get your entire team involved. The more human the better. If it's applicable, create a brand mascot and make them funny and personable. You'll end up with more follows and retweets and engagement levels will go through the roof.
2.Give it time, this won't happen overnight (unless you've done something very right… or very wrong!). This is a full time job, not something that can be latched onto an employee's already full workload. Dedicate man hours and expertise to building your online brand. On average a social media exec can manage about 200 interactions per 8hr day.

3. Give people content they want and are likely to share. Customers are more likely to listen to their friends or colleagues for recommendations rather than the brand itself. Utilise what you already have and offer incentive to customers already engaged with your brand.

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