The cost of searching for the missing plane so far

The cost of searching for the missing plane so far

What is the cost of the search for the missing plane?

It’s been over a month since flight MH370 went missing and the costs of the international search are continuing to build.

Reuters has estimated that the search for the Malaysia Airlines plane has already cost $44 million. The figure could well reach into the hundreds of millions before the search is over which would make it one of the most expensive search operations in aviation history.

The estimate includes money spent by the United States, China, Australia and Vietnam – leaving out the other 22 countries that contributed to the search. That includes the UK that probably saved a lot of search money by narrowing the search area to to the couple of hundred of miles we’re dealing with now…

The figure is based on estimates of hourly costs of the various assets dedicated to the search. More money has been spent in the last month looking for flight MH370 than was spent in the two year search of Air France 447 which crashed into the Atlantic in 2009.

Australia bears the brunt of the costs involved as they lead the search in the Southern Indian Ocean but Prime Minister, Tony Abbott has mentioned that it might be settled up in the future… “It’s only reasonable that we should bear this cost—it’s an act of international citizenship. At some point, there might need to be a reckoning, there might need to be some kind of tallying, but nevertheless we are happy to be as helpful as we can to all the countries that have a stake in this.”

[Picture: Official U.S. Navy Page]

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