Get back at low-cost airlines baggage swindles


There's a new mobile game for frustrated travellers taking a swipe at low-cost airlines baggage policies that have confused and swindled us out of money time and time again.

Mickey O'Greedy's Luggage Swindle (sounds familiar, no?) was developed by SendMyBag. The game involves using a grab hand to to catch passing travellers with luggage and taking their money. High scores mean discount vouchers on SendMyBag.

SendMyBag founder Adam Ewart said: "We wanted to develop a fun game that could be played by travellers of all ages, whilst they're sat in the airport or on their travels. We're really pleased at how it's developed and we hope that Mickey O'Greedy is a character that the whole travelling nation will love." Love or hate, we all know who they're talking about right…?

Can't help feeling like this is a targeted swipe. We'll see how long it stays on the app store!

Read more on the game here… 

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