Coming to a Terminal and Airport Near You…

In a nationally televised report, NBC National News covered its initial roll out!

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has now installed it in ten airports and written extensively about its benefits!

Touting a “year of innovation,” Delta Airlines has them in their Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport VIP lounge in Atlanta and is using them for ticketless boarding!

What is it? It is NEC’s NeoFace® Express and you can see it in action at the Aviation Festival, and in this short video.

The need for greater security in crowded, public places is changing the way businesses are engaging with customers. That’s true whether it’s an airport, stadium, cruise line or a border security check. At these, and many other high-traffic sites, the goals are the same – quickly and accurately verify the customer’s identity and provide the necessary service.

As with many of NEC’s solutions, NeoFace® Express has patented technology that allows for the capture of the best facial image for processing while providing these additional unique features and values:

  • Efficiency – measuring the time spent interacting with the station
  • Satisfaction – measuring how satisfied the user is after use of the station
  • Acquisition Rate – measuring the success of image acquisition; and
  • Accuracy – measuring the true identification rates

NeoFace Express is a key component of NEC’s single, unified biometrics key solution that provides a secure, frictionless and personalised customer experience.

  • No ID checks or boarding passes anywhere in the airport
  • No long lines at airport touchpoints (check-in, bag drop, security, boarding)
  • “Pay with your Face” at airport retail locations

See how NEC’s Advanced Recognition Systems is setting the stage for the future of travel, access and identity recognition in Booth #125.