Scientific breakthrough brings an end to frustrating travel restriction

Colbalt Light Systems introduce a scientific breakthrough which will put an end to a frustrating travel restriction.

Ensuring you have under 100 ml in liquid, which is secured into a clear plastic bottle, and placed in the correct plastic bag, can be a long and irritating process.

However, Cobalt Light Systems have now introduced a scanner which will soon eliminate these worries; the scanner uses a laser to determine the chemical composition, in doing so, it is able to distinguish between the dangerous liquids, that contain ingredients like hydrogen peroxide, to the innocent ones, such as your shampoo. So far, a total of 65 airports including Heathrow and Gatwick have brought the scanners, which are of a similar shape to microwaves.

BBC’s Stuart Tinworth guides us through the new device, and what it will mean for the passengers, airlines and airports.

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