Chinese travel agents stop selling tickets to Malaysia

Chinese travel agents stop selling tickets to Malaysia

Things may be getting worse for Malaysian tourism as Chinese travel agents stop selling tickets to Malaysia.

Making an enemy out of China is never a good idea especially when 12 percent of Malaysia’s total tourists are Chinese.

Angry Chinese families have been protesting at the lack of information on flight MH370 and how the situation has been dealt with. Families have accused Malaysia Airlines of deliberately delaying the release of information.

Now the controversy surrounding missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 has prompted many Chinese tourists to look elsewhere for holiday destinations. 11 Chinese travel agents told Reuters that bookings between China and Malaysia had fallen severely, and that many people have cancelled their trips. Among those travel agents are eLong,, Qunar and Mango.

eLong said, “We will continue the ban indefinitely until the Malaysian government and Malaysia Airlines release every piece of information they have in order to find out the truth about the missing flight as soon as possible.”

Malaysia had targeted 28 million tourists this year. This is the first major commercial backlash as a result of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight.

What do you think of the ban?

[Picture: Niklas Pivic on flickr]

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