How CarTrawler’s Marketplace Technology Solution is Catering to the Blue Dot Traveller

As CarTrawler’s Director of Marketing, Lia Bresnihan is well-adept at identifying the traits of the emerging ‘Blue Dot Traveller,’ an intriguing manifestation of a new customer paradigm. Lia characterises the Blue Dot Traveller as a new customer segment which has the potential to create a vast window of opportunity for the travel industry. Given CarTrawler’s forward-focused disposition, it was only natural that an all-encompassing technology solution was an imminent development for its worldwide airline and OTA partners.

Lia speaks of CarTrawler’s unique position in the travel industry which has allowed the company to readily identify changing consumer behaviours quicker than other travel companies, given the vast variation of data they have access to, by virtue of their worldwide partnerships. Lia praised CarTrawler’s Marketplace technology platform, hailing it as the holy grail of ancillary solutions. CarTrawler’s brand new Marketplace platform is currently being rolled out and acts as a sophisticated technology solution for a bespoke, one-stop ancillary shop.

What is CarTrawler’s Marketplace?

CarTrawler’s Marketplace is an all-encompassing technology solution which enables customers to book whatever they need for their journey within one travel app. As CarTrawler has a unique view of all travellers from partners’ customers, they can appropriately deploy that algorithm which has been built in-house to derive the most relevant product set for customers. The travel industry is ripe for change and many airlines and OTA’s are attempting to create their own version of a marketplace by offering multiple travel products as part of their offering. CarTrawler’s differentiator is their unique position to capture trillions of data points via their 100+ international partners in order to offer a nuanced and bespoke solution to these airlines and OTA’s as a seamless plug-in integration.

Lia explains how the genesis of CarTrawler’s Marketplace came about, an idea borne out of the observations that CarTrawler has gathered from the end user – the traveller. Having spent years processing and analysing trillions of data points, CarTrawler has earned its data capability stripes, built an algorithm to prove it and succeeded in powering a solution which provides the right product at the right price to each customer. CarTrawler’s Marketplace stemmed from CarTrawler’s key differentiator in the form of the vast volume and variation of data it harbours. These data sets have allowed CarTrawler to paint a high definition image of the evolving customer journey. CarTrawler’s Marketplace succeeds in offering timely and relevant ancillary services as a result of time and location-based notification features.

In essence, the Blue Dot Traveller is the customer who searches for activities and solutions outwardly from their location; that is, the beaming blue dot on the map. Lia highlights how organisations must focus more on developing efficient online experiences to drive brand loyalty, as modern customers are inclined to simply search for activities and travel options in terms of their relevance and proximity, rather than by brand. When customers are engaging within airline and OTA apps, all too often they are bounced out to a web page or into another app. ‘Why are we letting customers go to our competitors? We need to centralise our offering and provide more ancillary products for the customer in one place, based on each customers location and trip type.’ Lia emphasises the need to engage customers whilst they are in ‘search mode’, presenting relevant offers in such a manner to ensure that the value of each customer is increasing, not receding. ‘Brand loyalty is increasingly more difficult to build with customers, and that’s why we should be maximising the return available from each customer interaction.’

Taking Advantage of Mobile

What’s different about CarTrawler’s Marketplace is that it embraces the advent of mobile as the primary method of conversion. Many travel industry decision-makers are reluctant to acknowledge and prepare for this shift in behaviour. This integration builds on the unique data set which mobile offers in the sense that exact location tags can offer a far more tailored ancillary product set than indications from desktop ever could. As mobile has less real estate available from which to offer ancillaries, it’s all the more important that the offering is personalised and tailored in a timely and relevant manner. ‘Location determines the product set, price determines the conversion.’

The Blue Dot Traveller is an increasingly common phenomenon and CarTrawler’s Marketplace is a nuanced solution to this 21st century shift in consumer behaviour. This seamless ancillary plug-in enables airlines and OTA’s to centralise their ancillary products within one mobile offering. ‘CarTrawler’s Marketplace operates within a single interface and point of entry, with no extra level of effort on the partner side.’

CarTrawler’s Marketplace is a one stop ancillary shop, which provides the customer with the ability to instantly purchase everything they need for their trip, all from within your app. If you are interested in learning more visit or view our presentation video here.