The 3 Big Ideas In Managing Passenger Disruption

15below have been creating systems and workflows to communicate and manage day-to-day travel services for over a decade. Their vision is to ‘make journeys easier and more enjoyable by giving clients and passengers a stronger sense of control.’

At this year’s World Low Cost Airlines Congress, their commercial director and co-founder, Nicholas Key, held a round-table which discussed: How can we more effectively manage the passenger experience when things go wrong?’ These are three key points 15below have recommended we take away with us:

The 3 Big Ideas In Managing Passenger Disruption:

1. Build trust in the accuracy and honesty of your information.

Never assume passengers don’t understand when things go wrong, and withhold information from them.  People appreciate honesty and transparency which goes a long way to build trust. 

2. Consider the need for the human touch and the use of robots

You can automate a lot of the processes and messaging to keep passengers (and staff) informed.  It’s important however, to consider peoples need for the human touch, in addition to the business need for efficiency with the use of robots.  Getting this balance right is key to delivering a great customer service during more challenging times.

Use technology as the base ingredient to smooth operations and keep staff focused on urgent or complicated cases.  The human element should be the icing on the cake. According to leading trend experts at, receiving great customer service triggers the same cerebral reactions as feeling loved – not a bad goal to have!

3. Consistency is more important than timeliness

Create a ‘single source of truth’ for your customers.  The ‘always connected traveller’ will often receive conflicting information between airport departure boards, the internet and their airline, causing frustration and stress.  It’s therefore essential to deliver consistency of message across all of your channels.  Failure to do this can create a bigger problem than you’re trying to solve, resulting in a surge of inbound enquiries to your call centre or check-in desks.

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