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Can Big Data And The Internet Of Things Revolutionise The Aviation Industry?

The airline industry is currently in the transformation phase.  New large-scale developments and innovative technologies are helping to reduce costs, making processes more efficient and, ultimately, generating bigger revenues.

The industry is evolving rapidly to exploit the growth of Big Data, Internet of Things (IoTs) and Enterprise Mobility in these three main areas.

Providing excellent passenger experience

When you know everything about your target passenger group, what would you do? You would do whatever is needed to offer the most exclusive passenger experience to create competitive advantage. You would turn the pain in the neck products and services into cash cows. You would turn flying and time spent waiting at the airport into a more pleasurable experience.

Boosting airline safety

The chances of being involved in a plane crash are next to zero, but when it happens, it happens at large scale, leaving unimaginable tragedies. There are ways we can utilise big data and the IoT to provide even greater prevention practices to the industry. For example, Big Data and the IoTs can help monitor health of pilots in-flight, tracking movement of crew and passengers, analysing aircraft operations and provide immediate information on the patterns that could mean a potential safety issue.

Empowering your team

The availability of connected devices, backed with Big Data, has enabled airlines and airports to perform quickly, reliably and cheaply through effective management of information. Mobility allows airlines and airports to have resources available at the right location with right information at the right time. This helps in a significant manner, such that the workforce management is handled by enhancing operational planning and decision making, which in turn lead to better allocation of resources and cost reduction.

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Author: Phu Nguyen